Firefighter wellness & cancer screening program

In 2019, a group of dedicated and concerned local Colorado Firefighters brought desperation and concern about the challenges firefighters face in maintaining optimal health.  The mission of the program is to partner with local firefighters and community partners to build a program focused on overall firefighter health and wellness.

Program overview

The program, is dedicated to assisting firefighters maintain:

  • Annual health visits
  • Mental health, by connecting firefighters with key resources
  • Cancer screenings and genetic testing
  • Heart health
  • Health education

Potomac Primary Care is the primary care partner of the Firefighter Wellness & Cancer Screening Program. Our providers are committed to provide key annual health visits and manage firefighter health and cancer screening schedules. The entire Potomac Primary Care team believes that firefighters are heroes in our community and consider it a privilege to provide this care.

To schedule an appointment please call (720) 979-0836.

Watch the below video for a summary of the program.